2022 Artists

Check out the artists attending our 2022 market event below!

Akaliyue (胡桃酱) & zazas_art

From China / Canada
instagram.com/akaliyue | alicewei.carrd.co

My name is Alice also known as Akaliyue or 胡桃酱 I am a Chinese-born Canadian amateur illustrator. I am such an anime and manhua fan, therefore my artworks are heavily influenced by Japanese anime and Chinese manhua. I mainly draw digital, most of my content focuses on Yaoi but that is not the only thing I draw though! XD


From Mission, BC

A local artist who has attended Minicomi for several years, and is very excited to be able to participate as an artist (as well as a guest) in 2022. I love to draw cute things, especially fanart of anime, video games, and my own original characters. I believe that a little kindness goes a long way ♥

AnimaloftheElements & KaruCrafts

From Vancouver, BC
sariahoward.com | instagram.com/karucrafts

I’m a storyboard artist selling prints of both original and fanart illustrations, merch, zines, and custom sketch commissions!

Arc of Fishy Seaweed Tacos

(Two tables)
From Vancouver, BC
instagram.com/eyeseechan | instagram.com/hollowmisk | instagram.com/nobakyn | instagram.com/dynyamic

We like to draw anime and kpop fanart, from silliness to angst, we have it all!! We can be your court jester and the foreboding prophecy you receive in the middle of the night that keeps you awake for 24 hours, so come visit Arc of Fishy Seaweed Tacos for an experience you can’t remember and one you’ll never forget ❤

Art Ikuta

From North Vancouver, BC

I am a freelance illustrator who loves painting things scifi and fantasy! Big fan of color, action, and cool stuff



From Canada
instagram.com/boompopbrand | boompopofficial.etsy.com

Hello! I am a queer artist who loves a lot of fandoms but I’m hoping to create original content for everyone to enjoy!


From Burnaby
instagram.com/chanteii_ | instagram.com/alpacagalore

We really love cats and alpacas

Charmlly & Vexii

From Vancouver, BC

animation peeps who draw and make stuff



twitter.com/DarknedStar | nekomatan.carrd.co

Two friends who enjoy drawing soft and cute stuff or…spicy and soft— Most of our artworks are inspired by our favourite video game characters or our own original characters!

Darkness Studios // Ki Hiwatari

From Canada
darkness-studios.net | twitter.com/dstudios_store

A self-taught hobby artist in too many fandoms. Bringing to you a variety of merch from different anime/manga/game series and some original stuff~

Dead Cute Pins

From Vancouver, BC
deadcutepins.com | instagram.com/deadcutepins

We sell pins, patches, and accessories!


From Vancouver, BC
instagram.com/doodlebugdebz | debrarengga.com/illustration

I am an illustrator and storyboard artist. I like to draw fanart of shows that I like.

Expired Kimchi

From Canada

Local Vancouver artist with cute doodles on postcards!


fadingjade.carrd.co | hanachou.wixsite.com/flowerecord

Cute fanart + original merch! Prints, Pins, Stickers, Charms and More! Normal art connoisseurs & gacha sufferers.


From Richmond, BC
instagram.com/ameobas | genicecream.com

Mai is an artist in animation who loves to illustrate various subjects from lively fashion to quiet moments.
Genice is an artist based in Vancouver, BC! You might know her from her work on Studio Trigger’s 2020 anime, BNA, or just from hanging around on the internet. Genice likes to work with bold colors, and has a lot of fun making stickers in her down time.

Frog Supporters 2.0

twitter.com/seeyulater | twitter.com/ivyteas

Frogs, maybe

Go! Go! Zeppeli


We create art and functional goods to share our love and passion.

Hallo Carmo

From Vancouver, BC
instagram.com/hallocarmo | etsy.com/ca/shop/HalloCarmo

Hallo! Im Carmen from Hallo Carmo. I’m a small shop with big feels that focus on drawing cute and happy stationery for everyone to enjoy. You can choose from a variety of goods such as prints, stickers, notepads, acrylic charms, washi tape and more. Come and find something for either yourself or your loved ones! They’ll be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!


From Vancouver, BC
instagram.com/helloitsphii | instagram.com/pindiegamer

We sell anime and video games themed enamel pins, masks, wooden and acrylic keychains, and keycaps! 🙂


From Vancouver, BC

Local fan artist for anime/game series such as AoT, BnHA, Haikyuu and Genshin.


From Port Coquitlam, BC
mollyart.work | instagram.com/jakface

Jakface is a freelance artist who loves videos games, anime and drawing buff dudes.


From Canada
instagram.com/jashikuart | twitter.com/Jashakers

Hello, my name is Jash and I work in the animation industry of Vancouver. In my spare time I like to draw cute characters and critters. Pleased to meet you!


instagram.com/jellyrolldesigns | instagram.com/rachtw

Jellyrolldesigns and LfcRach will be bringing to their shared table a variety of designs inspired by games and animations. We design products including, but not limited to, acrylic keychains, enamel pins, stickers, and prints.


From Vancouver, BC
instagram.com/j.enh | jenh.carrd.co

Jenh is an illustrator from Vancouver, BC. She is inspired by day-to-day life, emotions, and nostalgia.

Jess Craig

From Vancouver, BC
Instagram.com/sugar_lobster | jess-craig.com

Telling stories through images and having fun in the process 😉


From Canada

Kaho is an artist based in Vancouver who gave up her love for Kirby for cats instead



From Vancouver, BC
kawaiiboku.com | instagram.com/kawaiiboku

Kawaiiboku is an art & accessories brand that celebrates Japanese culture-related and simple things in life. inspired by desserts, foods, nature, and animals, our goal is to spread a bit of joy and happiness through our merchandise and illustrations♡

Keltea Designs

From Canada
instagram.com/kelteadesigns | keltea.net/#/design

Hi, my name is Kelly the creator of Keltea Designs. Aside from working in the animation industry, I make stickers, art prints, ornaments and more! Hope you enjoy 🙂


Laura Rivera

From Mexico
instagram.com/kari0rivera | tapas.io/LauraRivera

I’m a Mexica-Canadian digital artist who makes her own graphic novels and illustrations. All of my work is appropriate for all ages.


From Burnaby, BC

Pins, Puns, and Food! Creating fun pieces inspired by good things.

Madame RinRin

From North Vancouver, BC
twitter.com/madamerinrin | madamerinrin.weebly.com

Makemerri x Raphpapercuts

From Singapore
makemerri.com | instagram.com/raphpapercuts

Make Merri is all about crochet goods with a twist. Merri makes quirky, cute, yet useful and eco-friendly items to bring merriment to everyday life. (e.g. A cat cozy that slips onto your coffee cup keeping you safe from burns while being super cute.)

Meg-chan Doodles

From Canada
instagram.com/sakuradreamingart | twitter.com/sakuradreamings

Hi there, I’m Meg! I’m an artist who enjoys making all things cat, cute, and has a penchant for Asian aesthetics and imagery


From Burnaby and New Westminster, BC
motolokiev.blogspot.com | meowmeowmart.carrd.co

MHAFurrbie group

From Canada
instagram.com/pooniverse | instagram.com/gesu.ko

we just love to make stuff! 😀

mint kiwi flan

kiwiliko.tumblr.com | pixiv.me/miniflan

mint kiwi flan is excited to be back, with our friendship having survived a group project and other calamities. we will have adorable copic marker chibi commissions, painterly prints with and without realistic buff dudes, and other fun stuff!

Nicolas Ky

From Vancouver, BC
nicolasky.com | instagram.com

I’m an artist in the animation industry. I create original and fan art on my spare time.

Nightbloom Creations


instagram.com/noisywyvern | twitter.com/noisewalk

Maker of dreams and clouds, magical monsters and mystical landscapes. Lose yourself in grand adventures.


From Canada

Canadian cartoonist. I draw original and fanwork.


twitter.com/nullarys | instagram.com/nullary

I love moe. Anime, VTubers, original merch


From Vancouver, BC

Hey, I draw things that are normally safe for work.



Pidgy (she/they) creates cute, emotionally driven, artwork and creative projects; always with the intention to spread love, happiness, and inspiration!


From Vancouver, BC
instagram.com/qianlinnng | twitter.com/qianlinnng

Hiya! My name is Qian. I am an artist, an animator and a storyteller.


From Canada

i draw anime girls

Razumi Yazura

From Surrey, BC
instagram.com/razumiyazura | razumi.com

Stickers, acrylic charms, artwork, and resin crafts.

Shawnali Draws

From Canada
instagram.com/shawnali_draws | instagram.com/mythicartefacts

Just a couple of nerds creating goods we wish to use ourselves and share with others.

sleepyamphy & saint_udon

instagram.com/sleepyamphy | twitter.com/saint_udon

We are two friends that share a passion for art! We will have enamel pins, stickers, charms, and anime prints. Please drop by and say hi! ^ – ^


From Vancouver, BC

half-baked ideas, gooey inside ~ softboiled art is an illustration & design identity created by vancouver-based artist mari andrews. featuring cute characters and a whimsical style, she explores themes of emotional well-being and self-acceptance.

soupbasechan fan club

From Vancouver, BC

Local artist drawing as a hobby, making tattoo designs and chibi art


instagram.com/stephologyshop | stephology.bigcartel.com

I like drawing, and I like making things!


From Vancouver, BC
twitter.com/SWZTCH_art | furaffinity.net/user/swztch

Small furry artist selling stickers and vtubers!


instagram.com/teanao | twitter.com/teanaoart

A comic artist, storyboarder, animator and merch maker, teanao’s an artist who loves to create. Whether it’s stories or merchandise, she hopes that her creations will make people smile.


instagram.com/teasomething | instagram.com/strewdull

come join our small tea party! we are two sisters who have a cute and pretty assortment of goodies (prints, stickers and more)!!

TerminalStation & Vantlya

Toasty Prints

From Vancouver, BC
etsy.com/ca/shop/ToastyPrints | instagram.com/notoast4u

Raised on late 80’s and 90’s animation, Toast spent her childhood creating art attacks on her bedroom floor and playing the Nintendo64. While she still likes to game her love of art has never faded. Toast is an illustrator with a BMA in animation, inspired by retro nostalgia, robots, anime and video games.

YiNa Wang

instagram.com/yieondesign | yinadesu.com

Trained as an illustrator, YiNa Wang lives in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Her practice is illustration-based, but she also works in design and traditional acrylic paint. In September 2020, her work “Nippon” was awarded as Runner Up in Creative Quarterly 61 Professional Illustration Competition. In her work, YiNa explores Japanese Culture, food, and abstract art. She is currently the founder of YiEON, a brand that she has started that sells T shirts, Tote Bags and Accessories.


From Vancouver

Vancouver based artist creating prints and merchandises.

yumo + ciyrens

instagram.com/yumo.m | instagram.com/ciyrens

we’ll have prints, stickers, and more; come by and say hello!

ZeNami Design

From New Westminster, BC
twitter.com/zenamidesign | instagram.com/zenamidesign

Suh! I’m Zen (they/them), Graphic Designer, Typography Enthusiast and Artist! I create glittery galactic art, draw a lot of furry friends and make Pride goodies for my LGBTQ+ Fam. My mascot, Comet, is a little dog made of stardust looking for the next big adventure (and peanut butter).