2023 Artists

Check out the artists attending our 2023 market event below!


From Richmond, Canada
twitter.com/shit_anuyan | instagram.com/shit_anuyan | 1ssa.tumblr.com

Issa is a Filipino artist working on tv animation and comics .They love drawing fanart on the side.

Accounting Department

motolokiev.tumblr.com | lackless.tumblr.com

Hello, we are lackless and motolokiev, accountants by day and artists… by night?

Akemi Art

akemiart.ca | twitter.com/akemiart | instagram.com/akemiart

Artist that sells original Black Fantasy art.

Alaki’s Emporium

From Nanaimo, BC
instagram.com/alakinoelle | alakisemporium.square.site

A queer, nerdy human who makes both a career and a hobby of adorning people and their homes with fun and shiny things.


From Port Coquitlam
sariahoward.com | twitter.com/sariahoward | patreon.com/animaloftheelements

AnimaloftheElements is a digital artist selling fan and original merch, as well as custom traditional commissions done on the spot


From Vancouver
instagram.com/anitartlet | twitter.com/anitartlet | anitartlet.etsy.com

Anitartlet is run by Anita, a game artist and children’s book illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. Her art style is inspired by anime, fantasy and nature but the most eye-catching aspect of her style is the explosion of obnoxiously bright and saturated colors she uses in her work. Her style has blossomed in the forms of colorful stickers, vibrant art prints, cute resin pins and jewelry and much more!

Art by Wen


I am a professional artist working in game industry. I love painting with vibrant colors.

Astra Sakura & Okamijy

From Vancouver
instagram.com/astra.sakura | astrasakura.com

Video game & anime inspired merchandise made with love.



Just moved to Canada from Japan. Bachoochi makes pins, stickers, sticker albums, totes and jewelry based in anime, video games and danmei novels.

Charliebun Art

From Vancouver
instagram.com/charliengoart | charliengoart.etsy.com | facebook.com/charliengoart

Hi I’m Charliebun! I draw cute bunnies in cozy homes. I create wholesome art and accessories, including cozy slice-of-life art prints, stickers, acrylic charms, and adorable bunny-themed stationery including washi tapes, plush notebooks, and memo pads.


From Vancouver, Canada
instagram.com/cluartsdoodles | twitter.com/clu_arts | etsy.com/ca/shop/CluArts

I’m Chloe, a Vancouver-based animator and illustrator. During the day, I animate 2D shows and during the night, I try to improve my illustration skills. I’m currently focusing on creating artworks featuring little moments I love about people, life and animals!

Cocoo Island

From Burnaby, BC
tagram.com/fromyourstrulystudio | youtube.com/channel/UCjdlRxn7zGfHtrFx6_AFyug

Hi I’m Candace, the creator of Cocoo Island. This is the home of Kit and Dino!

Dapper Cat Dice & Featherxcrown

From Canada
instagram.com/dappercat_dice | instagram.com/featherxcrown

Two nerdy friends based in Vancouver that love RPGs and functional art inspired by the games they play.

Emi Lavoie

From Vancouver BC
emilavoie.com | twitter.com/emilavoi_e | instagram.com/emilavoi.e

I’m Emi, I’m an artist/animator based in Vancouver BC! I’ve been drawing since I can remember and I love character art, sharks and birds of prey.

Flower & Bee

From Canada
instagram.com/onthe__e | instagram.com/beaceae


From Vancouver, BC
genicecream.com | twitter.com/genicecream | instagram.com/genicecream

Genice is a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC. You might know her from her work on BNA with Studio Trigger! Genice dabbles in various disciplines, but after all these years, she still can’t ride a bike.

Go Karl

twitter.com/lezzcargot | snowpoke.carrd.co/ | lycheegumi.weebly.com/

we’re rooting for karl to get the princess connect


From Vancouver

I have an array of anime fanart, merch and hand-crafted accessories available. Any new releases that will be available will be announced on my IG @_huuni_


From Canada
ivycdraws.com | instagram.com/ivycdraws | bit.ly/ivyctube

Ivycdraws is a passionate designer and illustrator who aims to create fun and relatable products that bring people happiness. Ivy is passionate about all things cute, but she also loves winter, and space (Stars, planets and all the beautiful goodies in the sky).



Childhood nostalgia and video game fanart. Axolotls and other witchy wares.

Jun / Ranky / Little Schwarz

From Vancouver, Canada
instagram.com/lambs4uce | instagram.com/little.schwarz | instagram.com/rangqui

Jun, Ranky, and Little Schwarz are local illustrators based in Vancouver and recent graduates of Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Jun and Little Schwarz) and UBC (Ranky).


Born in Taiwan, but raised in different countries.
kawaiiboku.carrd.co | instagram.com/kawaiiboku | kawaiiboku.com

Kawaiiboku is an art & accessories brand that celebrates Japanese culture-related and simple things in life. Our goal is to spread a bit of joy and happiness through Kawaiiboku’s merchandise and illustrations.♡


From Canada
instagram.com/kurilord | deviantart.com/kuri

Bright, colourful and fun!


From Vancouver
instagram.com/mushy_strawberry | kaylibailey.art | artstation.com/ashleykusumoto

Three friends making doodles out of art school

Lisa LaRose Art

From Vancouver
lisalaroseart.com | instagram.com/lisalaroseart | etsy.com/shop/lisalaroseart

Lisa LaRose is a pop surrealist painter, illustrator, and comics artist residing in Vancouver, Canada. She is best known for her paintings: Bizarre and Colourful artworks. She creates lively and exciting colour palettes and is always making something a little weird.

Little Corgo

From Vancouver
littlecorgo.com | instagram.com/littlecorgo

Little Corgo is an eco-conscious stationery & lifestyle shop based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to Corgi lovers all over the world. We focus on bringing cute Corgi goodness to your everyday life and home, whether it comes from stickers, journaling goods, apparel, and much more.


localrascal.art | instagram.com/localrascal | etsy.com/shop/localrascalart

LOCALRASCAL is an artist, illustrator, and printmaker based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Working with copper etchings, linocuts, watercolour paint, LOCALRASCAL teases out the tender roots of nostalgia and dreamlike innocence, with a touch of macabre.

Lost and Found Charms x Jellyrolldesigns

From Canada
instagram.com/rachtw | instagram.com/jellyrolldesigns

Lost and Found Charms and Jellyrolldesigns will be bringing to their shared table a variety of designs inspired by games and animations. We design products including, but not limited to, acrylic keychains, enamel pins, stickers, and prints.

Make Merri

From Singapore / Vancouver
instagram.com/makemerri | facebook.com/makemerri | makemerri.com

Make Merri is all about crochet goods with a twist: I like to make quirky, cute, yet useful and eco-friendly items to bring merriment to everyday life. There’s something for everyone from coasters shaped like cat butts, flower puff earrings, smiley rings, and cute keychains.


mangokappu.carrd.co | twitter.com/mangokappu

hi, I’m mango! I draw sometimes!!


Vietnamese – Canadian
manyeggy-portfolio.carrd.co | instagram.com/manyeggy | instagram.com/dinkeycap

Hi, I’m Vivian and I am the artist of manyeggy. manyeggy is a collection of creative endeavors that mix my love for puns, cuteness, and anime. I hope you enjoy my cute puns and clay keycaps!

Margaret Perrie

From Canada
instagram.com/margodraws | margaretperrie.com | fireunderstone.com

Margaret Perrie writes and draws the comic Fire Under Stone. She enjoys fantasy novels and matcha desserts. By day, she works in animation.

Matthew’s Magical Marvels

From Port Coquitlam

My name is Matthew Moran. I am a 14-year-old young entrepreneur who has been making handcrafted hand-painted Harry Potter inspired wands and other merchandise for the last four years. All my items are handmade and one of a kind.

Milky Way by Gaily

From Vancouver

JJBA/YWPD art and goods plus handmade skincare and accessories!

mint kiwi flan

We 3 cryptids hope to reunite and bring you amusing and/or cursed items. We will also have non-cursed and very cute chibi commissions! Our interests include swords, gummies, rap battles, pocket-sized sheep, muscles, xianxia novels, and more…


From Vancouver
instagram.com/mochi.melen | twitter.com/mochimelen

Just a local fanartist that likes drawing silly little characters from games and shows that she likes!

Momentai Ears

From Richmond, BC
etsy.com/ca/shop/MomentaiEars | instagram.com/momentaiears

Represent your fandom at your favourite theme park with these nerdy mouse ears! Perfect for vacation, for conventions, or even as an art piece!

Momotomo Studio

From Vancouver

Kawaii handmade ceramics, art prints, stickers, and more based in Vancouver.

Mua Xuan Hien

peachman tea time

From Vancouver
ivyteas.wix.com/puddlesong | paperpeachstudio.carrd.co

tea time with peach man 🍑🍵✨ small prints, stickers, & stationery


From Indonesia
instagram.com/pindiegamer | twitter.com/pindiegamer | pindiegamer.com

I am a vector and merch artist inspired by (and obsessed with) JRPG gaming. With this shop, I hope to bring JRPG aesthetic into the every day lifestyle.

Pocket Puff

From Canada, I am indigenous.
ko-fi.com/pocketpuff | express.adobe.com/page/WyiJabkK5dFcH/ | instagram.com/pocketpuff.art/

PocketPuff is home to lots of anime, kawaii, pokemon, sanrio, and food inspired goodies! Products include charms, prints, stickers, apparel, bags, phone accessories and more!

Player Yu & The Jazz Way Illustration

From Vancouver
playeryu.com | jazzgg.com

Player Yu is a lifestyle brand that celebrates a love of gaming culture. Founded by first-generation immigrant sisters Shavonne and Timmi Yu, Player Yu aims to bring a touch of playfulness to everyday life through unique and functional products that appeal to gamers and design enthusiasts alike. Jazz Groden-Gilchrist is a black adopted illustrator and comic artist whose stories revolve around identity, responsibility, and complex families.


From Canada


From Vancouver
instagram.com/puffifish | twitter.com/puffifish

Hello! I’m an artist who creates sparkly and magical trinkets and prints for people to show off their favourite characters.


From Singapore/Canada B.C.

Hello, I’m an independent artist who makes cute art inspired by Japanese culture and media as well as the things that I love under the alias Raphpapercuts! Ever since my trip to Japan I’ve always wanted to recreate the feeling of awe and wonder when walking into those cute stationary stores and I hope I can provide you with that same experience as you look through my wares!


From Burnaby
twitter.com/r2salt | r2salt.bigcartel.com

i draw anime girls to fund my gacha addiction (please help)

Razumi Yazura

From Vancouver, Canada
razumi.com | twitter.com/RazumiYazura | instagram.com/razumiyazura

Local Vancouver artist that loves to work on resin crafts. Working on a comic and visual novels on the side. Casual VTuber on Twitch.

Seobun + Cybaaa

From Burnaby/Surrey
instagram.com/seo_bun | twitter.com/cybaaa_

Shu Chen Li

twitter.com/shuchen_li | instagram.com/li.shuchen

Shu Chen is local to Vancouver and enjoys doing original illustrations. She sells mostly original prints and a little bit of puppet show fanart.


From Taipei, Taiwan

shyegg is an eclectic small business selling a variety of handmade goods from ceramics to hand-embroidered hats! shyegg is run by Jessamine Liu (she/her), an egg obsessed artist, diasporic writer, and crafter with roots in Taiwan, the Philippines, and provinces in China. She is also a bunso energy (aka youngest child vibes) plant mama and aspiring counsellor, and in many ways, strives to be more chaotic like her halfling wild magic sorcerer D&D counterpart. Through art, Jessamine hopes to bring a little smile to your face! 🙂

Silverset Arts

From Vancouver
tiktok.com/@silverartemismoon | instagram.com/silverartemismoon | mobile.twitter.com/silverartmoon

Hello! If you’re looking for prints and pins from a variety of anime and games, from Spy Family to Genshin Impact, Nellipset and I (SilverArtemisMoon) may have just what you’re looking for!


From Vancouver
twitter.com/Sleepy_Korok | instagram.com/scorchd

Hey! I’m an digital illustrator making fan art.


From Spain/Victoria BC
instagram.com/i_mstorm | inprnt.com/gallery/imstorm

Studio Yusho

From Vancouver

We’re a group of two and we make art of our own original characters and creatures. Our main characters are from our story about a group of young boys who want to start an idol band and also we have some cute creature art.

SugarFree by Kamui

From Cheeseball Planet
kamuikaoru.com | twitter.com/Kamui_SugarFree | instagram.com/kamuikaoru

The Wary Wolf

From Vancouver, Canada
chloewolverton.com | instagram.com/thewarywolf | thewarywolf.tumblr.com

I’m Chloe, the artist behind The Wary Wolf. I’m a Vancouver native who’s work is inspired by animals and nature. I paint primarily colourful, whimsical watercolours with the occasional hyperrealistic digital illustration thrown in.

Tornatic + KittyPleasance

From Vancouver
twitter.com/Tornatics | instagram.com/kittypleasance | instagram.com/_tornatic


From Canada
tsuyuus.com | twitter.com/tsuyuus | instagram.com/tsuyuus

Anime and video game fanmerch: charms, stickers, pins, and more by Tsuyuus!


From New Westminster
vextik.twitter.com | vextik.tumblr.com | etsy.com/ca/shop/Nomorebone

I am a queer artist who loves bright colours and making both fan work and original merch. At my table you will find hats, charms, standees, stickers and prints!

YiNa Wang

instagram.com/yieondesign | yinadesu.com | yieon.square.site

In her work, YiNa explores Japanese Culture, food, and abstract art. She is currently the founder of YiEON, a brand that she has started that sells T shirts, Tote Bags and Accesories. Her first game project featuring her work will be making its debut in Elowen’s Light by Sweet and Power Sauce Studio in March 2023.

yitsuin / ByPatriciaL

From Canada
instagram.com/craftswithpatricia | instagram.com/yitsuin

Sisters that share a passion for creating! yitsuin is a comic artist/writer/illustrator/merch designer, and Patricia is a crafter/graphic designer/maker.


From Vancouver
instagram.com/yogurt.pan | twitter.com/mizuwu

Hi! This is Sandy from yogurt.pan. I like to illustrate animals in bright and vibrant places. Lots of shibas and cats doing human-like things!


From Vancouver
direct.me/yulit | instagram.com/yulit.draws | yulitdraws.tumblr.com

Vancouver based artist creating prints and merchandises.


From Canada

We’re sisters and we love art, drawing, anime/manga, and dogs ❤ Come chat with us and have a good time!

zenami design

From New Westminster
twitter.com/zenamidesign | instagram.com/zenamidesign | zenamidesign.carrd.co

Zen (zenami design) is a Canadian Graphic Designer and Artist based on the bank of the Fraser River. They love space, dogs, glitter and glyphs, which is reflected in their prismatic array of stickers, prints and pins made to make you laugh and smile. Their mascot, Comet, is a little puppy made of Space Dust!

Zero Bae

From Vancouver, BC
zerobae.art | instagram.com/zero.bae | twitter.com/zerobae_

Zero Bae creates kawaii products for you and your car! Most of their inspiration comes from anime, gaming, and Japanese culture (o´▽`o) Products include cute air fresheners, stickers and decals, keychains, license plate frames, and a small selection of apparel.