Artists 2019

This page lists all of the registered tables for MiniComi 2019. This year, Minicomi is hosting around 90 tables and over 100 artists. Click on the underlined links to visit their websites! 

Our final table layout:

Updates (06/28): novarellanovarella will no longer be attending; Artland (and Friends?) has been changed to Artland & Lijon
Updates (07/02): CK’s Artspirations added to the artist lineup at C6

♡ anti-dairy ♡cropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): okapiya, hexpixie
Table: B9

Two pals who love to draw over sweet pastries and hot drinks that (we pray) are lactose free. Feel free to drop by and say hi while checking out our stuff!!

1 Happy Bundle1happybundle
Artist Name(s): Purrnest, Synnanymph, Zince
Table: B12

1 Happy Bundle is a trio specializing in original content!

Purrnest draws cat stickers for feline lovers! Also taking portrait commissions of your cats and personalizing them into stickers.

Syn is selling charms, pins, prints, and possibly more, come check us out!

Zince is selling two debut books (art + comic) as well as prints, stickers and charms! Come say hi!!

Alison Lalisonlicon
Artist Name(s): Alison L
Table: C18

Ali is a mostly self taught artist from Vancouver! She loves dark and spooky with a splash of bright and quirky. She’s inspired by traditional tattooing, 80s anime and fantasy podcasts. Art prints and smaller items like buttons are her specialty!

Alpaca GaloreAlpacaGaloreIcon
Artist Name(s): Sigman Mok
Table: A7

Spreading alpaca love through buttons and enamel pins.

Artist Name(s): ameobas
Table: A9

Mai is a local illustrator that makes their drawings move sometimes! They love working with a variety of styles but can’t seem to stick to one. Besides art, Mai enjoys spending their time watching vine/meme compilations. 

Angela PanMinicomi
Artist Name(s): Angela Pan
Table: U7

I work in animation as a background environment artist. During my free time, I also work as an illustrator and comics creator, self-publishing numerous short comics. I will be selling various zines and art booklets, as well as prints and postcards.

Angels Tale Art & julybeanscropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Angels Tale Art, julybeans
Table: C2

Angels Tale Art: A shoujo/anime artist, sharing cute and fangirl arts and creation!
julybeans: I like drawing characters from anime I watch! I’m selling charms, stickers, pins and prints for a bunch of different fandoms, so get your weeb merch here ;D

Artist Name(s): aorteau, Peronkyan
Table: C15


Apathetic Ace AllianceAceAllianceIcon
Artist Name(s): Centixue, Apalethe, Kyraphus
Table: D13

Video-game/anime merch made by a few losers.

Art by Tunatunasmol
Artist Name(s): Art by Tuna
Table: U3

Art IkutaArtIkutaIcon
Artist Name(s): Art Ikuta
Table: D18

A part time freelancing illustrator creating lively and cool art with ink. Also a total mecha and sci-fi enthusiast.

Artland & Lijoncropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Artland, Lijon
Table: D10

Artist Name(s): Ayelle, reincarnationz
Table: U4

AyJay consists of two artists, Ayelle and reincarnationz. We sell a variety of fan related goods such as prints, pins, charms, stickers and various other goods. All designs are drawn by us!

Aynsley Kingcropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Aynsley King
Table: E2

Aynsley King is a local artist working in the animation industry as a storyboard artist.

Azlinne ShearsAzLinneShearsIcon
Artist Name(s): Azlinne Shears
Table: C20

My wife and I are ecstatic to be here this year, and we look forward to seeing you!

Bad Gacha Luck
Artist Name(s): Rennae cropped-minicomi-logo.png
Table: A10

Prints and Acrylics

Bianca Loran ArtBiancaLoranIcon
Artist Name(s): Bianca Loran
Table: C5

Designer, Illustrator, and Maker; Manga/Anime influences twist into an imaginative world of gothic and steampunk themes woven throughout both my artworks and my webcomic. I sell art prints, handmade goods, jewelry, pins, and more.

Artist Name(s): Breathlessintake
Table: B6

​Alexander Balinski, also known as Breathlessintake, is a Vancouver Island based Artist, Actor and Costume Designer. He is a graduate of Vancouver Island Universities’ Theatre program and is a certified member of The Academy of Fight Directors Canada. When not in the theatre, Breathlessintake spends most of his time drawing and tabling at local conventions. His main mediums for his practice are digital, pencil, and watercolour. He also takes commissions online and in person. He loves friendly faces, so come say hi!

Bunny KnightBunnyKnightsIcon
Artist Name(s): Kuyuan
Table: C17

I am a bunny.

CK’s Artspirations tumblr_pmc6j8xiaD1xyn31eo1_100
Artist Name(s): CK
Table: C6

A bubbly artist with a love for goldfish! Goldfish prints, pins and charms! Likable fandom prints, pins, charms and stickers.

Artist Name(s): Cloudkourin
Table: D12

I sell various anime and game prints, pins, stickers and keychains! Get ur ikemen and loli goods here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Command Line FoolsSegFaultIcon
Artist Name(s): Segfault
Table: D14

I make prints, charms, stickers, and buttons for works that I enjoy. Come by and see! I’ll be taking commissions too!

Cool Bros HereCoolBrosHereIcon
Artist Name(s): Zakiah Grant, TunaPrincess
Table: C10

Zakiah is a 3D animator by day, watercolour illustrator by night but enjoys painting pet portraits the most. TunaPrincess is a digital artist with a passion for metal gear solid and her sweet gecko. They will have small prints, buttons, pins, stickers, and many more items for sale.

Cosplay GS + LittleBlackChatunnamed
Artist Name(s): Cosplay GS), LittleBlackChat
Table: D6

Stop by for patches, stickers, 3D printing and more from your favorite games, anime, and DnD shows.

Artist Name(s): CrossedPromise
Table: D5

Handmade sterling silver jewellery, original stained glass pieces, and a variety of soft goods both for you and your home through functional items and soft sculpture, there’s something for everyone at CrossedPromise.

Artist Name(s): DarknedStar
Table: B7

Hello! My name is Shirley and I am a smol tomato from Edmonton, AB //// This is my first time coming to Minicomi and Vancouver so please be gentle with me (〃・ω・〃)

I’ll be selling some prints, shikishi commissions, charms, and stickers (mostly idol or mobage themed) so come by and say Hi!
or cry with me about Gacha rates ; u ; //

Erika de Canellacropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Erika de Canella
Table: B8

Mexican illustrator, children books fan, living and drawing in Vancouver.

Artist Name(s): FadingJade
Table: E1

Working as 3D Artist for games and film, I enjoy creating crafts and illustrations! If I’m not playing games or eating sweets, I’m probably doing something creative. Anything from originals to fanart, charms, prints, trinkets and everything in between. Making art I enjoy is the most important thing. And if I share it with people who enjoy too, well! All the better!

Artist Name(s): Fawnbomb
Table: B1

I sell original clothing and accessories!

frog supportersfrogsupportersicon
Artist Name(s): ivy & christine
Table: A8

we are selling drawings for monies. may or may not be frog-related

Artist Name(s): nao, ceiiru
Table: E6

We are two local artists into anime/games (particularly Persona, Tales of, Kingdom Hearts and Gundam series)

We sell hand drawn items such as acrylic charms/standees, stickers, buttons, prints!

Please come by and say hi 🙂

Artist Name(s): Genicecream
Table: B16

Genice is a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC.
She likes working with colors, designing compositions, and making dad jokes.
While there are many things that Genice can do, she still can’t ride a bike.

Go! Go! ZeppeliGy_MiniComi_icon
Artist Name(s): Gaily, Neko, Tako, Celes
Table: B19

Art, crafts and more

Artist Name(s): Shieonn, ettudeus
Table: A7

St*rb*cks gave us a new identity. We are a duo of Big Memes who like to churn out merch last-minute. We have a variety of charms, buttons and stickers from obscure fandoms! (please talk to us)

hazel cheng illustrationunnamed
Artist Name(s): hazel cheng
Table: C6

hazel’s art and cute animals

Honnou TimeHonnouTimeIcon
Artist Name(s): Grey & Wowzers
Table: C22

stan shiina ringo or else. We are fans of niche and old manga/videogames and mostly draw Nier: Replicant/Gestalt, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, and Persona 2+3

Artist Name(s): ktchewy, ayaamoo
Table: C12

We’re two artists who enjoys making prints, stickers, charms, and more!

Ilinca BarbacutaIlincaBarbacutaIcon
Artist Name(s): Ilinca Barabcuta
Table: C21

I am a freelance writer and artist based out of Vancouver. I own a small independent press and will have a number of books, zines, and small comics to sell.

Artist Name(s): Ivycdraws
Table: U6

Cute and fun illustrated goods for self expression and general happiness :D.

Jelly Ultra
Artist Name(s): Jelly UltraGknVXcm
Table: A2

Joker appreciation clubcropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): starmint, Phantasmaesque, elyuu
Table: A11

we’re back again after a one year hiatus

Artist Name(s): Jube-Squared, KairiH
Table: B10

Hello, we’re two artists who like to illustrate pretty things and draw silly things too. We’ll be selling a variety of prints, charms, and buttons. Please drop by and say hi!

Artist Name(s): JwyPan (Judy), Tapi 
Table: C11

Judy is an animation student at Capilano University. She spends most of her time drawing, baking, and listening to podcasts or audiobooks.
Tapi is a Korean-Canadian artist / animator based in Vancouver 🌱 

Artist Name(s): Chanteii
Table: A3

I have cute enamel pins, acrylic charms, and prints!

Artist Name(s): KaruCrafts
Table: D4

Artist Name(s): Kaworu
Table: B20

Kawaiiboku are specialized on cute(kawaii) and desserts related merchandise, such as enamel pins, pouches, keychains, mugs and more.

KimikoYukime icon 2
Artist Name(s): KimikoYuki
Table: B4

Known by her alias KimikoYuki online, Kimberly Leong is a freelance illustrator, concept artist, and the creator of “S Corp”, an action-fantasy manga.

Artist Name(s): Kitnami
Table: E7

I’ve been making digital art since 2006. My specialty includes anime and semi/realism.

Artist Name(s): krispy!
Table: B3

krispy’s ya locally-grown, freshly-sprouted animator! Swing on by for some rad pins, shirts, charms, and more, or to just have a little chat.

Krystal LordKrystalICON
Artist Name(s): Krystal Lord
Table: U5

Prints and pins with some original artwork.

Artist Name(s): Kumama/pearl
Table: D7

Please come at our place!

Artist Name(s): Mitz), Kumako-dono
Table: B14

We’re two artists who love anime, video games, and drawing. Come by for a chat and let us know how much you love bears or Fire Emblem.

Labbit ShopLabbitShopIcon
Artist Name(s): Labbit Shop
Table: E4

Prints and small merchandise

Laura Rivera and PotatoSan
Artist Name(s): Laura Rivera, PotatoSanLauraPotatoSanIcon
Table: B15

This wonderful team brings you comics, postcards, small and big prints and more!

Lindsay Ishihirocropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Lindsay Ishihiro
Table: D9

Art prints, zines, and comics featuring both fanart and original art

Artist Name(s): LostandFoundcharms
Table: C7

Prints, keychains, buttons, hand drawn art boards

Artist Name(s): Vanessa
Table: U7

Overwatch, Pokemon, and lots of tasty looking things you shouldn’t eat!
(Pins, stickers, resin art, and other fun trinkets!)

Maen IllustratesMaenIllustratesIcon
Artist Name(s): Maen
Table: C18

Hi! I’m Maen! I love illustrating, cats, and witchy things! I am currently an art student focusing on creating graphic novel inspired illustrations, keychains, and pins!

Mari AndMariAndIcon
Artist Name(s): Mari And
Table: D17

Mari And is an illustrator and comic artist from Vancouver. Her work explores themes of identity, emotion, and wellbeing through a fantasy lens. She will be offering prints, pins, and original comics for sale.

Medusa Illustrationunnamed
Artist Name(s): Marie Joy Caldwell
Table: B11

Medusa Illustration is a local illustrator and tattoo artist.

Meg-chan DoodlesMegChanIcon
Artist Name(s): Meg-chan Doodles
Table: D14

Hi there, I’m Meg-chan. I’m a local artist who enjoys drawing pretty boys, Japanese yokai and all things anime

Artist Name(s): Midbot
Table: A1

Midbot’s crafty motto is “Poking Soft Things with Metal Things”, expressing her dexterity to crochet amigurumi, to sew plushies and practical items, and to needle felt something neat. Be sure to check out her mix of fan-made and original goodies!

mint kiwi flanMintKiwiFlanIcon
Artist Name(s): miniflan, mint, kiwi
Table: U2

Hi! We are friends who love dessert and art.
miniflan likes swords and will attempt to complete a new zine, hopefully not printed in the morning again.
mint specializes in delightful chibis and copic/watercolour commissions.
kiwi enjoys detailed digital paintings and has “an ample supply of realistic buff dude [portraits]” to share. Looking forward to meeting you…our presence depends on the whims of RNG!

Artist Name(s): Ming, Tofu 
Table: C1

Hello, we’re Ming and Tofu!

Momentai Ears and Doodlebug Debzcropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Momentai Ears, Doodlebug Debz
Table: E9

Hello there! Momentai Ears is a Vancouver-based craftsperson who will be debuting their handmade fandom and LGBT pride “mickey” ears this event! Doodlebugdebz is a Vancouver-based illustrator who enjoys making prints and stickers of things that she loves and sharing them with everyone! See you this summer!

Nano AngelsNanoAngelsIcon
Artist Name(s): Nano Angels
Table: A4

We’ve been attending Mini Comi since the beginning and we’re happy to be back!

Artist Name(s): Asami_h
Table: D8

I drawing fanarts and making Kawaii stuff 🙂 also selling resin stuff.

Artist Name(s): nocturna
Table: E8

Alternate/ video game inspired accessories and jewelry.

Artist Name(s): noisywyvern
Table: E5

Illustrator making tattoo-inspired artwork! Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Cardcaptor, and more.

Nullary & YunikunNullary&YunikunIcon
Artist Name(s): Nullary, Yunikun
Table: B2

Prints, keychains, acrylic stands, buttons, and more!
A wide range of fandoms- including a lot of new and/or popular anime!

oomph833cardx tiny 4 minicomi
Artist Name(s): oomph833
Table: D16

Here to sell some anime prints/merch and to have a good time

Phreephur IllustrationsPhreephur_icon
Artist Name(s): Phreephur Illustrations
Table: D20

Character Designer and Professional Nerd. Come check out my posters, pins and prints! 🙂

PindieGamer + ElleLynriPindieGamerIcon
Artist Name(s): PindieGamer, ElleLynri
Table: B18

Starting out as a couple of hearty hobbiests, we grew into wanting to spread our love for games and anime with pins, prints, and more!

Potato Palscropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Oddanka, Whamber
Table: D1

Hi! We’re two gals who like to draw fanart of various LGBT pairings. We sell prints, buttons and fanzines.

Artist Name(s): Cindy Kim, Park Ria, Nicole Chan
Table: C14

We’re a group of animators and artists who are passionate about many different fandoms and art styles. Our interests range from cartoons, anime, pop culture, k-pop, cartoons and video games.

Razumi YazuraRazumiIcon
Artist Name(s): Razumi Yazura
Table: C16

Artist and writer for the upcoming comic called Silver Wisps. I will be bringing preview art. Voice actor for the horror otome called Home’s Embrace. I have created exclusive game themed items to sell. There will also be plenty of stickers and homemade resin jewellery and charms.

Artist Name(s): ribboneels
Table: U1

seaside wares and multiple affairs– hey ho i am but an eel!!

RoyalEventide and JobofishRoyalEventTideandJobofishIcon
Artist Name(s): RoyalEventide, Jobofish
Table: D2

Artist Name(s): Angi, Ban
Table: C13

Your local aliens who just want to make lots of OC art and have a good time. Catch us at Mini-Comi where we’ll be selling prints, charms and more!

Artist Name(s): SadieArts
Table: C9

A local artist who specializes in fanart for multiple fandoms.

Saint UdonSaintUdonIcon
Artist Name(s): saint_udon
Table: E7

Nice to meet y’all! A new bowl of udon on the block that will be selling prints and possibly other goods!

Sehyrus & koleXIIIcropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): koleXIII, Sehyrus
Table: D15

Fabric art, zines & geeky crafts.

Starving ArtistsStarvingArtistsIcon
Artist Name(s): wafflepudding, Exsomni
Table: D3

Hello we are your friendly neighborhood starving artists.
Pls com buy sum prints and buttons we r die.
We need u. Save your local artist lives.
Buy today.

Stephology ShopStephologyShopIcon
Artist Name(s): Steph 
Table: E3

I’ll be selling prints, keychains, pins, stickers, lanyards and moooore! (Fan art for Sailor Moon, Overwatch, Zelda, Totoro, Doctor Who, Pokemon just to name a few!)

Artist Name(s): Dr.Mulgogi, Gandaramgee
Table: C8

I’m a artist who loves anime. I’m making fanart of anime and game.

Artist Name(s): Susan
Table: A6

My name is Susan and I am a Vancouver-based illustrator. I sell prints of mostly original artwork.

Artist Name(s): TCBunny, Grace Kim
Table: D19

TCBunny makes Detroit:Become Human Fan comics and other original comics and Grace Kim makes cute original illustrations.

Artist Name(s): teanao, yuli_kz
Table: B17

Teanao is a brand new artist to the artist alley scene, selling a variety of products from pins to prints. She hopes to meet new people and that you swing by her table and say hello! 🙂
yuli_kz: I do art and homemade resin crafts and charms. Really into a few mobile games. I love rabbits and pink things.

Artist Name(s): teasomething
Table: B13

I’ll be selling fanart & original art related prints, stickers, charms and buttons. Drop by for some cute items!

Tori Tori & Scarlette Artcropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Tori Tori, Scarlette Art
Table: D11

Two mermaids making pins, stickers, buttons and prints.

Tornatic & Kitty Pleasance & Sandiokcropped-minicomi-logo
Artist Name(s): Tornatic, Kitty Pleasance, Sandiok
Table: B5

A few barely alive animation students who sell charms, stickers, prints and more.

Vexii & CharmllyVexiiCharmllyIcon
Artist Name(s): Vexiishop, Charmlly
Table: C4

Just a couple of artists trying to have a good time. Vexii will have buttons, stickers, small prints and possibly plushies and Charmlly will have stickers, trading cards and plushies, come check us out!

Winnie LiuWinnieLiuIcon
Artist Name(s): Winnie Liu
Table: C3

Winnie Liu is a Canadian-born, Chinese-raised, New York-based artist who lives in the pink world of bubblegum Bosch. Come over for cute prints, silkscreen originals, zines, stickers, and more, all with a twist!

Wisteria;D and IcyTamTamWisteriaIcyTamTamicon
Artist Name(s): Wisteria;D, IcyTamTam
Table: B8

Hello! My style resonates a lot with anime/manga, but I’ve got some other things going on too. I do fanart, comics, kpop art, and original art. I plan to sell prints, notebooks, and charms/buttons. Please come by and check out my stuff if you have time. 🙂

Artist Name(s): yulit
Table: A5

Prints, keychains, pouches, and more!

Artist Name(s): jotheturtle
Table: C19

One of the two old blobs who like to draw and play games.