2020 Artists

MiniComi 2020 and 2021 are cancelled.

Until our next event, check out our artist roster below!

Akemi Art

I’m a digital artist whose work has a Mythic Texture to it. I sell Afro Fantasy prints of adventurers, explorers, gods, and goddesses in imaginative environments.

akemiart.ca | patreon.com/akemiart | instagram.com/AkemiArt


Having attended Minicomi for years, self-taught artist Ambercatlucky2 is extremely excited to host their very first convention table! She hopes to bring lots of cute things for you to enjoy, including prints, charms, stickers, and buttons!

Langley, BC | twitter.com/ambercatlucky2

Amy Knill & Nicolas Ky

Amy Knill is a children’s book and editorial illustrator based in Vancouver. She is a traditional painter specializing in watercolour and gouache illustrations, and paints anything to do with nature, animals, and self-care! She will be selling her children’s books, illustration prints, and stickers!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/amyknill | instagram.com/nicolas_ky_art

angeuuwu, Graham Kim, & Celina Doubleday

A group of art students selling prints, charms, and stickers.

instagram.com/angeuuwu | instagram.com/ykgraham | instagram.com/celinad106

Anh and Trashh

anhnmbr1popstr & trashhknight

Anh and Rhea are animation students who illustrate and draw cute pictures. We will be selling stickers, prints, and charms. We will also be offering water colour commissions at the con.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/anhnmbr1popstr | instagram.com/trashhknight


An animation art student selling both original content and fanart, in the form of zines, prints, buttons, and stickers.

Vancouver, BC & Japan | instagram.com/sariahoward


I’m stuck in gacha hell. Please help me fund my jpeg collection.


Apathetic Ace Alliance

apalethe, Kyraphus, & Knight

Fanart & merch by some local goblins and gremlins.

BC | twitter.com/apalethe | twitter.com/Kyraphus | twitter.com/darkknightvers1

Arc of Seaweed Tacos

Issy, Noba, & Taico

Arc of Seaweed Tacos is a group of friends who enjoy eating and drawing almost as much as they like sleeping!

instagram.com/issynt_adorable | nobakyn.wixsite.com/portfolio | dynyamic.tumblr.com

azolitmin & dewli

We love anime and our cats!

We will be selling art prints, acrylic charms, enamel pins, stickers, washi tape and pouches.

Vancouver, BC & Seattle, WA | twitter.com/azolitmin | twitter.com/dooliworld

Bad gacha luck

rennae & lessa

twitter.com/nartfarts | twitter.com/helloimchocho


Local Vancouver artist selling a variety of fan work with a focus on the Pokemon Mimikyu as cross overs, as well as offering original works that are part of the BoomPOP brand with a focus on classic and retro pop culture.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/boompopofficial

Bunny Fluff

Michicookies, Bella, & Libby

We’re a bunch of ECUAD students with a knack for fun art, charms, and wearables! Please check us out and follow what we’re up to!

instagram.com/michicookies96 | instagram.com/peachiemerr

The Bunny & Raven

Bunny & Raven

Hello. We’re Bunny & Raven, also known as Kris & Shawnali! Two friends with a love of all things artistic and nerdy. From games and anime, to D&D and cute fluffy things; come drop by and nerd out with us!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/thebunny_workshop | instagram.com/shawnali_draws


Karameru, MochiGhost, Egg

We will be selling prints, acrylic charms, zine and art commissions.

artstation.com/karameru | twitter.com/PhantasMaEsque | twitter.com/elyuuu

Carmen Szeto Draws

I have been doing digital art for 2 years but have been drawing my whole life. I like to do a variety of work, ranging from pin ups, to chibi, to crossovers. I also enjoy doing a mix of fandoms from anime to gaming to movies. I’ll be selling prints, post cards, bags (totes and recycling bags), charms, stickers, and buttons. I may also sell some apparel.

Langley, BC | instagram.com/carmenszetodraws

Chanteii & AlpacaGalore

One artist loves cats, the other, loves alpacas.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/chanteii_ | instagram.com/alpacagalore

Charmlly, Vexii and Feathery ghost

A group of animation friends who love to draw. We will have small prints, stickers, buttons and a few plushies so come check us out! Got lots of cute stuff.

Vancouver, BC | twitter.com/vexii_moonpup | twitter.com/charmlly_ | twitter.com/feathery_ghost


obsessed with anime girls and shibas

Toronto, ON | twitter.com/Chibbutts

Cosplay GS & LittleBlackChat

Bren, Garrett, & Selena

We’re local artists who love D&D! Stop by for CR stickers, dice bags, dice towers, and more!

Vancouver, BC | redbubble.com/people/littleblackchat/shop


Alison & Davis

Crocheted dolls

Vancouver, BC | CraftiiOwl.com

Cringy Radish

zkrysart & Djionne

Tired animation students selling charms, stickers and prints of our original art and fan art!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/zkrysart |


Traditional and digital artist drawing fanart for anime and games

Canada | Portfolio

DarknedStar and Nekomatan

Two friends who indulge in mobage games and idol bois, bringing you the joys of gacha salt and whaling for your favs from gbf, arknights, and many other games.

We will have prints, zines, acrylic charms/standees, and some sticker gacha!!!

twitter.com/DarknedStar | twitter.com/nekomatan


Debz is an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Debra enjoys food, dogs and making people feel inspired through her dynamic and energetic artwork. When not working at her day job, you can find her sketching in various cafes around Vancouver.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/doodlebugdebz


Dunderella is a chinese-canadian illustrator specializing in sequential storytelling! She once created a storybook about NASA space probes because she wanted people to be sad about robots. Watch out, she also has raileon brainworms.

Vancouver, BC | dunderella.ca

Expired Kimchi

Expired Kimchi is a Vancouver-based artist exhibiting mostly vector illustrations on postcards. To date, EK has had about 110 different art prints, and it’s still growing! Stop by the booth and see!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/expiredkimchi_


Just an artist who loves making merch and fanart of stuff they love.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/gesu.ko

Go! Go! Zeppeli

Gaily, Neko, & Celes

handmade skincare products, accessories and art


GYO+LY in July

shieonn & d.enka

St*rb*cks gave us a new identity. We are a duo of Big Memes who like to churn out merch last-minute. We have a variety of charms, buttons, stickers, and other hand-made items consisting of originals and from obscure fandoms! (please talk to us :’))

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/145_eonn | instagram.com/nihilatte


marimo & ray

Come get your Dorohedoro charms + prints ( we also love other things, check us out!)

twitter.com/_HAPPYHONEY | twitter.com/22crust



Helloitsphii will be selling mainly magical girl enamel pins!
LFC will be selling anime prints, acrylic keychains, as well as enamel pins!

instagram.com/helloitsphii | instagram.com/rachtw


Anime prints, enamel pins and other merchandise!
New line of merch this year for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun and some original “animal + dessert” pins ❤ Products from BNHA, P5, AoT, Pokemon and more are back as well! Please come by and check it out!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/huuni


ktchewy & ayaamoo

Hello! We are two artist buddies who enjoy drawing and creating merch. We have art prints, stickers, buttons, keychains, and more! Come by and say hi!

Vancouver, BC | twitter.com/ktchewy | twitter.com/ayaamoo


Illustrator using digital neon colours and occasionally watercolours. Lead artist of visual novel Arcade Spirits. Lots of d&d pins and prints! Pinup calendars & art!

Port Coquitlam, BC | instagram.com/jakface

Jashakers and Abitto

We both work in animation and love anime and manga. Some of the goods we are selling will be bookmarks, postcards, buttons, acrylic charms, and stickers. We are fans of different things so you can be sure to find a range of fan work from the both of us.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/jashikuart | instagram.com/abittomori


Rosa & SukiCat

JellyCat duo (SukiCat and Rosa):
SukiCat is a freelance, pop culture artist & aspiring animator. She currently works as design director for Mirai Wonder Cafe.

Jellyrolldesigns is the creation of Rosa and her partner, both graphic designers interested in fashion, anime, and the arts.

instagram.com/jellyrolldesigns | instagram.com/sukicatarts


I sell cute original artwork and merch!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/j.enh

k {nonomo}

k loves drawing cool girls and cute boys! She makes prints, vinyl posters, acrylic charms, enamel pins, vinyl stickers, postcards, and more! She creates both fanart and original art. Series she draws for include: Demon Slayer, Fire Emblem, Card Captor Sakura, Evangelion, Monogatari, Promare, Fate and more!

West Coast | nono.moe


I like Animal crossing and Kirby. Cats are ok too! We love cats.


Kattakind Art

I mostly draw animals and dragons. I will be selling colourful watercolour art, commissions, animal pins and stickers.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/kattakind


Kawaiiboku is an art & accessories brand that celebrates Japanese culture related and simple things in life. inspired by desserts, foods, nature, animals and transform into daily use items, such as pins, pouches, tote and more. our goal is to spread a bit of joy and happiness through our merchandise and illustrations♡

Vancouver, BC | kawaiiboku.com


Tornatic, Kitty Pleasance, & Sandoik

KFC is a group comprising of Tornatic, Sandoik and KittyPleasance. You can find a variety of anime and animal goods at their table.

Vancouver, BC | Tornatic’s portfolio | Kitty Pleasance’s portfolio | Sandoik’s portfolio

Ki Hiwatari / Darkness Studios

Darkness Studios is a one person team selling original manga, fanwork buttons, charms, prints, posters and a variety of miscellaneous arts and crafts. We have fan merch from many series and be sure to check out our 1000+ character button catalogue!



Known by her alias KimikoYuki online, Kimberly Leong is a freelance illustrator, and the creator of “S Corp”, an action-fantasy manga. She also sells a variety of merch from prints and stickers, to pins and charms based on both her original artwork and fandom content!


Kizuna Accessory

Kizuna- a Japanese term that represents the bond and emotional ties that people have with each other. Our aim is to connect people from around the world through the creation of Japanese inspired accessories.



krispy’s ya locally-grown, freshly-sprouted animator! Swing on by for some rad pins, shirts, charms, and more, or to just have a little chat.

Vancouver, BC | krispykart.weebly.com

Kristina Drinkwater / ASliceOfJay



Hi! I’m kuri, a local illustrator. I love to draw fun stuff and make weird things. Please swing by and check out my paintings, stickers, pins and more!

Vancouver, BC | krystallord.daportfolio.com

*Designer of MiniComi’s 2020 Promotional Artwork!


Fantasy illustrator who sometimes draws bunnies.


Laura Rivera Art

Laura Rivera is the artist behind the comics 1126 and Ninja X. Volume 2 of Ninja X with 5 new chapters will debut at Minicomi.

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico | ninjaxcomic.com

Lindsay Peltz

Lindsay Peltz is a cartoony artist with an affinity for cute, colourful, and miniature, specializing in real and fantasy animals.

And cats. Lots of cats.

Penticton, BC | dinopony.com

Lisa LaRose Art

Lisa LaRose is a pop surrealist best known for her bizarre and colourful acrylic paintings. She also has her own comic : Rise of the White Phoenix.

Selling: Prints, Canvases, Pencil Cases, Notepads, Enamel Pins, Comics and Stickers

Vancouver, BC | lisalaroseart.com

LycheeMochi_Art and Purrnest

Purrnest draws for food and cat lovers!
LycheeMochi draws tasty treats, tasty puns, and lots of fanart!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/lycheemochi_art | instagram.com/purrnest

Make Merri

Quirky and cute, yet useful and eco-friendly items handmade by Merri to make you merry!

Singapore | makemerri.com


Mari Andrews (Mari&) is a Vancouver-based illustrator, designer, and comic artist. Her cute and colourful works explore themes of emotional well-being, identity, and self-acceptance. At Minicomi 2020 she will have prints, enamel pins, comics and stickers for sale!

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/mari.android

Medical Whiskey

sketches and sorta cool stuff

Vancouver, BC | twitter.com/pppanties

MeowMeowMart +1

Meow & Brett

this is meow’s stuff. and a single bread.

Vancouver, BC | twitter.com/what_the_meow | twitter.com/Robodumpling

mint kiwi flan

miniflan, mint, & kiwi

We are mint kiwi flan and our friendship survived a group project.

For delightful chibis and pink gremlins, mint’s got you covered.
kiwi continues to wow us with detailed paintings and Gray’s-esque anatomy.
miniflan decided on a “fruit samurai” theme, which means more sword guys and juicy originals including soft accessories.

instagram.com/106mint | twitter.com/kiwiliko | pixiv.me/miniflan

Moonlight BJD House

I make custom accessories (hair pins, jewellery, etc.) for BJD (Ball-Jointed Dolls) and people.

Kelowna, BC | instagram.com/moonlightbjdhouse

Neko Planetarium

Selling fanarts, button and Resin stuff.


Nightbloom Creations

Selling UV resin accessories, soaps, bath salts, and shower steamers! I apologize in advance for my resting bitch face.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/nightbloomcreations

No Toast

Raised on late 80s and 90s animation, Toast spent her childhood creating art attacks on her bedroom floor and playing the Nintendo64. While she still likes to game her love of art has never faded. Toast is an illustrator with a BMA in animation, inspired by 90s fashion and anime, video games, and vibrant colour themes.

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/notoast4u


I like drawing monsters and dragons from video games! Also rowlets with food.

Vancouver, BC| instagram.com/noisywyvern


I’m a cartoonist who enjoys making both original and fanwork.

Canada | nozmo.tumblr.com

Ranked51 / Karieko / Aysrin

We’re a group of visual arts students from Vancouver! We sell prints, charms, stickers, pins, and needle felt figurines.

Vancouver, BC | twitter.com/ranked51 | instagram.com/_karieko_ | aysrin.tumblr.com

rat town

seeyoulater & ivyteas

rat power…..we are exchanging drawn goods for monies

twitter.com/seeyulater | twitter.com/ivyteas

Razumi Yazura

Hello! I’m Razumi. I’m an artist, resin crafter, and voice actor. My tables often showcase a majority of handmade crafts.

I’ve voiced one horror otome called Home’s Embrace and will be voicing another otome in the near future. Additionally, I am personally developing a supernatural visual novel of my own called Veil of Kinfallen Pass.

I will be selling stickers, small prints, buttons, resin pendants, shakers, magnets, pins, hair bows, acrylic charms, and more.

Surrey, BC | instagram.com/razumiyazura | urysflight.etsy.com


i sell goods straight from the eel-pit. ocean wares, ocean wares!!



angi & ban


Shelneelynn, meepmop, Barelyawake

instagram.com/shelneelynn | instagram.com/meeeeepmop | instagram.com/barelyawake

soupbasechan x ila so

garphic design is our passion

Vancouver, BC | instagram.com/soupbasechan | instagram.com/mozza_rel_la


I like drawing things, and I like making things!



Ceiiru & Emz

Gacha RPG friend duo selling stickers, prints and charms! Will have various Nintendo series, kingdom hearts, YGO, Mobages and original Seal merch!

Lower Mainland, BC | twitter.com/Raikachu | twitter.com/giraffudon


scarlet wings kaili & decompase

SWK+decompase is a concoction of the artist/illustrator duo: Scarlet Wings Kaili and decompase! They both enjoy narrative content containing a dose of fantasy with a shot of dark humor. Some salt good too.

instagram.com/scarlet_wings_kaili | instagram.com/decompase


Two struggling artists desperately attempt to avoid becoming irrelevant.

twitter.com/SWZTCH1 |etsy.com/ca/shop/SWZTCH | oziv.weebly.com


a growing artist thats around sometimes at the local con scene! prints/postcards, buttons, stickers and charms are always with me! feel free to drop by ☆


Winnie Liu

Winnie Liu is an illustrator lives in the pink world of bubblegum Bosch. Come over for cute prints, silkscreen originals, zines, stickers, and more, all with a twist!

New York | winnieliustudio.com


Jellyfish enthusiast and illustrator. I like to make round and colourful things!  ⍤⃝