Promotional Artwork Commission Opportunity

We’re looking for your artwork to represent MiniComi!

Send us a link to your portfolio through our online form (TBA). We will pick one artist after the submission deadline to produce our promotional material for our 2023 event. This is a paid opportunity.

Deadline for portfolio submissions: Saturday, Dec 10, 2022
Tentative deadline for completed work: End of January, 2023

What we’re looking for: A single piece of artwork representing MiniComi 2023, containing text information about the event, with versions made to fit as digital banners for our social media (Facebook page, Facebook event, Twitter, and our website), as well as physical posters and postcards.
This comes out to 5 different dimensions with the minimum image requirement being 8.5″ by 11″, 300 dpi, due to the size of the poster.

Should preferably include our mascots (references here, but feel free to get creative!) The artwork should be completely original work, with no copyrighted material.

(Please contact us for more details.)

Our budget: $250 CAD + reserved full table at MiniComi 2023, or $250 CAD + the value of the full table in monetary compensation

We will require the (non-exclusive) rights to display, modify, transmit, and reproduce your artwork for the purposes of advertisement only. We will not sell your artwork. All permissions are otherwise retained by the original artist.

Example 1: Our 2020 commission by krystal lord

Website banner
Full size poster / postcard

Example 2: Our 2019 commission by dunderella (three of five versions):

Web banner
Facebook event banner
Full size poster/postcard