MiniComi is an all-ages, free-to-attend, single day art market held in the Vancouver area.

Every year, we invite artists of all experience levels to booth and sell their artwork. This has included everything from comics and prints, to handmade plushies, to accessories, to on-site commissions. While some artists bring artwork inspired by popular media (such as movies or Japanese animation), others bring completely original work. We welcome everything!

MiniComi debuted in 2011 at the Student Union Building at the University of British Columbia. We’ve since then continued to grow, with over 130 artists boothing at our 2018 event!

Costumes/cosplays are always welcome!

The Vancouver Society for the Creation of Independent Art (VSCIA) is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our aim is to help and promote local artists.

We are always looking for suggestions on events or initiatives to help local artists. If you are a business or organization, we would love to have you as a sponsor.

Our mascots are Mini and Komi (with a K, not a C!), as well as our origami cat.

mini ref


Mini is a girl with brown eyes and medium-length, light-coloured hair, usually tied into pigtails. Her hair colour has been depicted as anything from brown to pink.

Mini likes to draw and paint.





komi ref


Komi is a boy with blue eyes and short, blue hair. He’s slightly taller than Mini.

Komi’s favourite hobby is photography.





cat mascot


Our origami cat was adopted as a mascot a few years after Mini and Komi.

While this is its typical depiction, it can be any colour and any design, but always made of paper.



Our mascots have been drawn in various wonderful ways by different artists over the years. (Check out their designs in past art contests here.)