2018 Contest

MiniComi’s 2018 Art Contest is now closed. Thank you for your entries!

See the results here.

We’re looking for promotional art for 2018! Help us bring in visitors to MiniComi by having your art featured on this year’s postcards, posters, and social media.

In exchange, winners get free table space at MiniComi 2018!

This year, we are looking for entries in two categories:

  1. Poster / postcard art
  2. Banner art for social media

You may enter as many entries as you like in one or both of the categories, but it is only possible to win for one category.
You may submit the same artwork for both categories, but the artwork must adhere to the specified dimensions. (In other words, please submit both a poster-sized version and a banner-sized version.)

Please see the rules and specifications below.

Contest period: Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018 – Saturday, Feb 17 (11:59pm)
Late submissions will not be accepted.

(Previous art contest submissions can be viewed here!)

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone!

Poster / postcard art winner: One free full table at MiniComi 2018.
Banner art winner: One free half table or half price off a full table at MiniComi 2018.

You can either claim the prize for yourself, or gift it to someone else.
You may register to guarantee your spot first. If you win, we will refund you the table cost.

Submission Requirements

Poster/postcard: minimum letter-size (8.5″x11″), landscape or portrait, 300 dpi/ppi.

Banner: Your art will need to be flexible enough to fit the banner sizes for three sites. Don’t worry about submitting all of them when entering the contest, but we will ask this of the contest winner, so make sure your art is editable.

  • Facebook: 820px x 460px. Note that this size is a compromise, as desktop displays 820×250 (page) and 500×262 (event), but mobile scales it to 750×421.
  • Twitter: 1500px x 500px
  • Website: at least 1180px in width (preferably 1180px x 435px).

General requirements:

  • Artwork should be related to MiniComi and as many of our mascots as you’d like. References for our mascots can be found here.
  • Please make sure that there’s room for event information! We may ask you to modify this text as needed.
  • Digital or traditional artwork are both fine. If you are submitting traditional work, please scan your work at minimum 300 dpi/ppi. Please make sure your art can be  edited digitally, especially for a banner entry.
  • No sketches, but entries can be in black and white.
  • Submissions should be completely original. It can not include anything that looks like copyrighted material.
  • Artists must own and keep their original art file/craft piece as proof of their own work.
  • Feel free to include your name / artist alias on your artwork.

How to submit
To submit your work, please email them to minicomivancouver[@]gmail.com with the subject “MiniComi 2018 Art Contest” or something similar. Please include your name (and alias, if applicable) and contact email. You may also include a link to your website or social media to add to the credit.

All artwork will always be credited. All entries will be displayed online. Winners will be decided by VSCIA.


Questions? Contact us!