This year we’re hosting nearly 90 tables and over 130 artists! Click on the underlined links to visit their websites.


3beans Comics3beans
Artist(s): Kyla Hayes, Tajliya Jamal, Randi Hamel
Table: TBA

3beans Comics is a collective of three university students who specialize in creating LGBTQ+ independent comics, as well as art books, zines, and prints.

Artist(s): tsuyuus, fumichun
Table: TBA

tsuyuus and fumi (from 4foods) will be selling prints, buttons, charms, and stickers!

Alli Knits + Pockets of Duriancropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Allison, Steph
Table: TBA

Modern & comfortable handknit accessories (keychains, cup cozies, and anime plushies) with a dose of whimsical magic for your everyday needs.

AngelsTale ArtAngelsTale_icon
Artist(s): AngelsTale
Table: TBA

AngelsTale is a anime artist who specializes in shoujo and kawaii art. She loves to create cute characters and bishounens from her own original creations and fandoms. She makes art prints and charms. In the future, AngelsTale wishes to create art through more mediums to further expand her craft to spread happiness and cuteness.

Artist(s): angi
Table: TBA

Angi is a Vancouver-based hobbyist artist whose other exhilarating pasttimes include eating, sleeping and gaming.

Aradied & Puffifishcropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): AradiedPuffifish
Table: TBA

We are two fan artists who likes tomatoes and carrots. We will be selling fan prints, acrylic charms, lapel pins, washi tapes, stickers, and more!

Artist(s): Areum Kim
Table: TBA

Ranma 1/2 (Japanese manga), Splatoon2 (Nintendo switch Game) character goods and Original Character design Book and goods.

Artist(s): Ayelle, reincarnationz
Table: TBA

Hello! We’re Ayelle (Ay) and reincarnationz (Jay) formerly from the trio mrART! We sell prints, buttons, stickers, and charms of various anime, cartoons, other fandoms we like, and some original designs. Stop by and check out our stuff!

Aynsley King & Mark QuardokusAynsley King
Artist(s): Aynsley King, Mark Quardokus
Table: TBA

Local animation artists selling original art prints, comics, and items!

Batsu Wolvescropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): yerrowb, cawru, and morecoffeedude
Table: TBA

a bunch of dogs makin it big!

Boss 3cropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Ezyn, Bomhat
Table: TBA

We sell posters, keychains, pins, postcards and do sketch commissions.

Bunny Knightscropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Kuyuan, basedkawaii
Table: TBA

hello we sell things.

Bunny Parfaitbunny parfait
Artist(s): Bunny
Table: TBA

A smol artist trying their best!

CASE BoutiqueCASE Boutique
Artist(s): CASE Boutique
Table: TBA

CASE Boutique specializes in cute food plush, designed and made in Vancouver!

Celestial Circuscropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Keysha Ramos
Table: TBA

Art featuring the characters and creatures from my original story celestial circus. Cute animal illustrations with cosmic themes.

Artist(s): Cloudkourin
Table: TBA

I’m here to supply you with all your ikemen and loli needs.
(Will be selling various prints, keychains and commissions!)

Artist(s): Rowwie
Table: TBA

Felted to forged, CrossedPromise covers a full range of soft and hard materials to bring a variety of sculptural works of art to life. The pieces available are wearable and decorative inspired by fantasy and magic. With fabrics, sterling silver, glass, and clay, there is something for everyone at this table.

Darkness StudiosDarkness Studios
Artist(s): Ki Hiwatari
Table: TBA

We are a one-person team who likes to draw and make random crafts. Come find us at MiniComi for some buttons, keychains, art, self-published manga and other stuff!

Artist(s): Maggie, Hina
Table: TBA

Dinocat is a Vancouver based Harajuku fashion, kawaii lifestyle, studio-brand.
Our motto is: “All things destructively kawaii!”
All products are designed and made by Crafter: Hina , Artist/Designer: Ultra Nerdy

Dippa and DudesBig+Beefy+Boi
Artist(s): dippadraws, vayt
Table: TBA

A couple of cool dudes trying to sell some rad art and make your day a little brighter!

DJ TOFUdjtofu
Artist(s): Doro, Ming, Tofu
Table: TBA

Just 3 artists selling our wares.

Artist(s): dunderella
Table: TBA

Heya it’s me, dunderella, the illustrator who’s here to take over the world with cute merch and awesome prints!

Artist(s): Elizabeth Pau
Table: TBA

Elizabeth Pau is a Vancouver-based artist, writer, and dog enthusiast. She creates comics and illustrations about outer space, teenaged heroes, and some really great dogs. Elizabeth is currently enrolled in Langara College’s Graphic Novel and Comix program.

Ex Spearmintcropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Rennae, Lessa
Table: TBA


FadingJade & Garden AmiFadingJade_update
Artist(s): FadingJade, Garden Ami
Table: TBA

Visit for collection of prints, pins, charms and stickers from a ton of different games and shows! Along with plenty of creepy cute knit plushies and trinkets to take home with you!

Forest FriendsForest Friends
Artist(s): Hexpixie, ✩ jo
Table: TBA

Two pals who love to draw over sweet pastries and hot drinks that (we pray) are lactose free. Feel free to drop by and say hi while checking out our stuff!!

Gabriel Gamboa (Contest Winner!)cropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Gabriel Gamboa
Table: TBA


Artist(s): Genice
Table: TBA

Genice is a Chinese-Canadian artist born, raised, and based in Vancouver, BC. She loves working with colors and is passionate about designing compositions. Genice will be selling original and fan art prints, zines, and buttons.

Artist(s): aorteau, peronkyan, coldaircon
Table: TBA


Artist(s): Ayu, Mina
Table: TBA

Hello! We will be selling original art and sketches of our fav video games and tv shows. Come check us out 🙂

hazel illustrateshazel illustrates
Artist(s): hazel
Table: TBA

hazel likes to draw cute and colourful animals

Artist(s): ktchewy, ayaamoo
Table: TBA

Come by our table for some prints, stickers, buttons, and more!!!

Jeileen & chungsicropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Jeileen, chungsi
Table: TBA

Artists who create comics, zines, and other things!

Jelly UltraJelly Ultra
Artist(s): Jelly Ultra
Table: TBA


Jobofish and RoyalEvenTidecropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Jobo, Eve
Table: TBA

Overwatch, Monster Hunter, BTS, hero academia merch!

Artist(s): Joyable10
Table: TBA


Artist(s): Jube
Table: TBA

Hello, I’m Jube! I will be bringing some prints, buttons and charms. Please come by and say hi and have fun too!

Artist(s): Kaho
Table: TBA

Natsume and kirby enthusiast. Dog and shark lover. I may be too old for this.

Artist(s): Karu
Table: TBA

That’s what Karu does! Bringing you the best in nerdiness in the form of yarnwork, kitty hats, and more! Quirky crochet goodies made locally! Soft, squishy, and adorable, each piece is meticulously crafted with the highest level of detail.

Artist(s): Kaworu
Table: TBA

At KAWAIIBOKU, each of our products is unique and handmade by our designer Kaworu at home. We’re always try to released new kawaii (cute) designs products, such as pillow, pouches, key charms mugs and more.

Artist(s): Kimberly
Table: TBA

Hi! I’m Kimberly and I’m an illustrator, concept artist, and comic artist. I create fanart of my favourite games and original art that revolves around my original manga “S Corp”.

Artist(s): KL
Table: TBA


Artist(s): KOMBOH
Table: TBA

I’m a local illustrator / designer sellin’ prints, pins, and such.

Artist(s): krispy!
Table: TBA

Ya locally-grown, freshly-graduated animator! Swing by for some rad pins, washi tapes, charms, and more.

Krystal Lordcropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Krystal Lord
Table: TBA

Prints, watercolours and my books!

Artist(s): Kumama, Pearlyc
Table: TBA

We have buttons, posters and key chains, come visit us, we won’t bite :PP

Artist(s): Mitz, Kumako
Table: TBA

We’re two artists who love anime, video games, and drawing. Come by for a chat and let us know how much you love bears or Fire Emblem.

Artist(s): KuroTorii
Table: TBA

Just a Graphic Designer/Artist with tons of buttons, charms and prints! Creator of the webcomic Those of Fate.

Laura RiveraLaura Rivera
Artist(s): Laura Rivera
Table: TBA

Epic oil paintings and prints of your favourite series.

Artist(s): leafcan
Table: TBA

prints, keychains, maybe a book or two

Artist(s): Leva
Table: TBA

A daydreaming owl
Across the canvas of night
Croons a fantasy

Leviathan Studiocropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Leviathan Studio
Table: TBA


Artist(s): Susy (Liansa)
Table: TBA

Hi! My name is Susy, also known as Liansa in the art community. My booth includes posters, bookmarks, buttons, stickers and charms. I usually like series with sentimental moments and I sell original art as well. Feel free to visit and chat with me, that’s usually my favorite part when attending artist alleys!

Artist(s): LostandFoundcharms
Table: TBA

prints, acrylic charms, handmade minifigures, buttons & hand drawn goods i do digital and traditional style fanart. im in love with bishoujo art style.

MarlaDraw & 6MKMarlaDraws & M6K
Artist(s): Marla White, 6MK
Table: TBA


Maxine ArtMaxineArt
Artist(s): Maxine Art
Table: TBA

Maxine Art carries an adorable assortment of wares from original gouache paintings to digital illustrations. Buttons, stickers, prints and enamel pins are just a few of the goodies she will have at her table. She is also specialized in creating ‘Disney style ‘ pieces and commissions. Maxine Art is not an artist you’d want to miss!

Medical Whiskey (link is NSFW)cropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): pan!ies
Table: TBA

I promise not to make bad puns or make fun of your waifu

Medusa Illustrationcropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Marie Caldwell
Table: TBA

Medusa Illustration is a local Illustrator & Tattoo artist. Working entirely in traditional art and fanart.

Artist(s): Melodyintheair
Table: TBA

I’m a full time registered nurse and part time artist! It’s been my dream to sell my work since I was 16 years old and I’m finally making my dream come true! ❤

Artist(s): Midbot
Table: TBA

Midbot’s crafty motto is “Poking Soft Things with Metal Things”, expressing her dexterity to crochet amigurumi, to sew plushies and practical items, and to needle felt something neat. Be sure to check out her mix of fan-made and original goodies!

Artist(s): minsgraph
Table: TBA


Mosobot64 & SeaFoamMelonMosobot64 2018 Avatar 01
Artist(s): Moses Cirulis, Raquel Stone (SeaFoamMelon)
Table: TBA

Artist by night, funky robot queen by later night, Moses Cirulis is a local comic artist and trained graphic storyteller. She writes and draws the webcomic Ohmworld at, and offers lots of cartoony fanart, in-jokes, robots and dragons.

SeafoammelonHowdy! I’m Raquel or as I’m known online, SeaFoamMelon. I’ve been art vending since 2017 at many of the anime conventions in the Vancouver area. My style is Anime/cute? lol I tend to draw a lot of fan art but this year I’m coming out with a lot of original content as well. I mainly sell stickers, prints, buttons, and bookmarks.

Artist(s): Nikki
Table: TBA

Drawing has always been a passion of mine, especially with using my imagination. I strive to create illustrations and handmade works that speak of magical fairytales and a world of wonder.

Nano Angelscropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Nano Angels
Table: TBA

We sell buttons, pins, keychains, masks, all kinds of random things! Come and play with our gumball machines too!

NEKO PlanetariumNEKO Planetarium
Artist(s): NEKO Planetarium
Table: TBA

Drawing cute fanart and make Kawaii stuff 🙂

OSC Waffle PartyOSC waffle party
Artist(s): OSC Waffle Party
Table: TBA

You are all invited to the party.
Also we have enamel pins, stickers, buttons, and prints.

Pastel NeonPastel Neon
Artist(s): Jayessart, Sylvrn
Table: TBA

We are Capilano 2D Animation students and passionate artists. Jayessart is a connoisseur of mermaids, angels, knights, flowers, and fantastic creatures in general. Sylvrn loves body horror, solid lines, eye-searing colours, and Houseki no Kuni.

Artist(s): Phreephur
Table: TBA

Character Designer, Freelance Artist, Goal in life is to learn the best dad-jokes of all time.

Artist(s): PixelByte
Table: TBA

Custom-made pixel art from your favorite games, cartoons, comics, and anime! We offer a variety of items ranging from coasters, magnets, boxes, ornaments, keychains, clips and wall art!

Artist(s): RavenSong, ck_DistantSky, nellarjungk
Table: TBA

We are a group of animation students who are passionate about many different fandoms and art styles. Our interests range from cartoons, anime, pop culture and k-pop.

Ren, Nullary, & YunikunRen & Nullary
Artist(s): KyraphRen, Nullary, Yunikun
Table: TBA

We like to draw anime fanart and the sort! There will be prints, keychains, buttons and possibly more! Come check us out!

Artist(s): Robidium
Table: TBA

Vancouver-based illustrator, cosplayer, and anime dude aficionado.

Rosemary TravaleRosemary Travale
Artist(s): Rosemary Travale
Table: TBA

Rosemary Travale is an artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in galleries and print worldwide. She makes a variety of products like art prints, enamel pins, charms, bags and more.

Artist(s): Akachu (Ceiiru), Khal (Vinyl)
Table: TBA

Hello! We are the artist Duo, Ryusei-Go (Akachu and Khal). Come stop by our table for cool stickers/prints/charms of P5,Yugioh,Touken ranbu, Castlevania, Houseki no kuni and many others! (Also likes Kamen Rider and High&low: Story of Sword)

SadieArtsSadieArt updated
Artist(s): Sadie
Table: TBA
About: I’m Sadie, I like to make art about the things that I love from internet culture to blockbuster movies. Feel free to stop by my table at the event and check out my first ever show appearance and maybe pick up a thing or two and or have a little idle chit-chat.

Artist(s): samkalensky
Table: TBA


Sharon LeungSharon Leung
Artist(s): Sharon Leung, Herb Wong
Table: TBA

All artwork you find at my collection are products of my imagination. I want my creations to be cheerful & inspiring, so I hope you will enjoy what you see!
I am a freelance independent artist, and produce greeting cards and prints based on my own original drawings. Pandas are my favourite, but I also like to draw other whimsical animals.

Shiroi Roomcropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Shiroi Room
Table: TBA

Prints, accessories and apparel.

Artist(s): Amy Le
Table: TBA

Hi! I’m a local animation industry professional here to sell some fanart and original prints. Please feel free to drop by and say hello! ♥

Soft Friends Clubcropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): shibefriend, Potato San
Table: TBA

Welcome to the Soft Friends Club – we’re your friendly neighbourhood doggo (shibefriend) and your favourite tater tot (Potato San)! We’re ready to hit up MiniComi 2018 with our finest memes and soft friend suitable merch. Come to our table for cute stickers, buttons and more to come!!!

Artist(s): SOOZ
Table: TBA

A tattoo apprentice working at New Edge Ink! Presenting posters, pins and stickers.

Starving ArtistsStarving Artists
Artist(s): driftingg, WafflePudding
Table: TBA

Hello we are your local hungry university students.
We will be selling various items such as stickers and mini prints.
Please come feed the starving artists.

Artist(s): Tea
Table: TBA

If you want to sell your soul for your FE:H faves, please drop by! Let’s have a good time! Also, I’ll be bringing other cool stuff like stickers, buttons, etc.

The SkooksThe Skooks
Artist(s): Wowzers, Grey
Table: TBA

Humble meme farmers tending to our overwatch/jjba memes in the form as sticekrs and prints. We’ll be selling other non ow/jojo collectibles as well.

The Yorozuyacropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Yuuri K.
Table: TBA


Artist(s): nao, miki
Table: TBA

we are two artists based in Vancouver who are into anime, games and toku. We sell a variety of items such as acrylic charms, stickers, buttons of various sizes and other random stuff from Overwatch, Zelda, Persona, Gundam, Kamen Rider/Super Sentai series etc. Come say hi! 🙂

Tori Tori & Scarlette ArtToriTori & ScarletteArt
Artist(s): Tori Tori, Scarlette Art
Table: TBA

Two mermaids stuck on land selling prints, pins, buttons, and stickers.

Tub of FlubTub of Flub
Artist(s): Gabrielle, Ary
Table: TBA

A comic artist in the making! Alongside my boyfriend I make both original and familiar content for everyone, commissions included!

Artist(s): whitefrosty
Table: TBA

I’m an artist from Toronto, Canada who loves to create one-of-a-kind kawaii-culture inspired plush toys, accessories and clay charms!

Artist(s): Piggy Ho Ho, Snakey
Table: TBA

We draw fanart and original portraits. We also have BL.

Winnie Liucropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Winnie Liu
Table: TBA

Winnie Liu is a Canadian-born, Chinese-raised, New York-based artist who lives in the pink world of a child’s heart.

Yuki Yoshidacropped-minicomi-logo.png
Artist(s): Yuki Yoshida, Jennifer Wong
Table: TBA

Yuki Yoshida – Seattle based Half Japanese Illustrator/Comic Artist with a passion for fashion and beauty

Artist(s): yulit
Table: TBA

Prints, Posters, Keychains, and more!

ZeNami Design (Contest Winner!)ZeNami Design
Artist(s): ZeNami Design
Table: TBA

ZeNami Design is a one-person design operation that produces fun and funky typography and lettering designs alongside crisp vector illustration, as well as hand-lettering in ink, chalk, and other mediums, as charms, prints, bags, pins and more. Everything is sprinkled with gaming-centric flair and positive thoughts delivered in pastel packages.

Artist(s): jotheturtle, sphilia
Table: TBA

We are two old blobs who like to draw and play games.